We pride ourselves in giving a great service, and know this bit is not the most exciting but we have to have some terms and conditions in business so here they are…

Information About Us:

Bay Tree Cakes is operated by Victoria Power and trades from: 33 Station Road Lutterworth LE17 4AP


We take payment when you place your order, rather than at the time of dispatch. We’re not able to accept an order until we’ve checked and approved it, and if there is a problem we’ll be in touch within three working days. We run special offers from time to time and these are to be used independently, not in combination. Payment is taken by credit card on the website. You will receive an e-mail or receipt from us acknowledging that we have received your order and payment. All orders are subject to acceptance by us. Where delivery is arranged after a order has been placed, additional delivery charges will need to be paid prior to delivery. Where a “Hold The Date” option has been selected, the initial deposit will be taken via credit card. Stage payments will then be subsequently agreed with final payment no later than 45 days prior to delivery or collection date. Where special dietary requirements have been confirmed we will always contact you by phone to discuss and confirm your order. It is vital therefore you provide the correct contact details. If we are unable to speak to you about these requirements we will be unable to guarantee the dietary specification of your order and no refund will be made.


If you are purchasing a cake in full from our website for delivery within 12 months of the date of purchase, the full price of each cake shown will be as quoted at the time that your order is accepted (except in cases of obvious error).

Our cake prices are liable to change at any time. Our “Hold the Date” option is designed to allow you to book with us without making final decisions about your cake. If you “Hold the Date” with us but do not select a cake design, the price of the cake cannot be fixed until a size and design is chosen. When you agree a design for a website/bespoke cake, we are happy to agree a price (or range where externally sourced items such as stands or flowers are involved) up to 12 months ahead of the wedding cake delivery date. For weddings more than 12 months ahead, we are happy to “hold the date” with you and to provide an estimated quote, but we are unable to fix a price more than 12 months ahead of the wedding cake delivery.

Delivery charges are not included in our cake prices. If you purchase a cake online from us, please contact us to arrange and pay for delivery if it is required.

Delivery and Collection:

Cakes will be delivered or will be available for collection at a time agreed following acceptance of your order. This may be changed by mutual consent afterwards in order to meet production, event location or planning requirements. If your cakes are being collected, please note that we are unable to accept any responsibility for damage after the point of collection, for example due to transportation, inadequate placing or storage after collection etc. If the delivery option has been chosen, you must notify us of a failed delivery or any loss or damage to the cakes immediately following the quoted time of delivery. We are unable to be responsible for any products supplied following delivery, including, but not limited to, your venues’ treatment, storage and serving of the cake. Please note that your cake will be unavailable for collection or delivery unless full payment has been received.

Storage & Serving of Cakes:

In order to keep your cake in a perfect condition it must be stored, at room temperature, out of sunlight, away from heaters and sources of humidity. Cakes should not be refrigerated prior to cutting or serving unless specifically instructed. Stacked cakes will be supported by cake boards and dowel rods which should be carefully removed prior to serving. Some elements of your cake may not be edible – e.g. diamante trimming, crystal decorations, decorating ribbon. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all inedible items are removed from the cake prior to serving and we cannot accept any liability in that respect. All our cakes are freshly baked before decorating and should be consumed within 3 days of delivery or collection.


Cakes and icing, and especially tiered cakes, are susceptible to damage in extreme weather such as high humidity or high or low temperatures. We reserve the right in these cases to amend the mixture of ingredients in order to ensure that the cake is successfully produced and delivered. This will not of course affect our responsibility to deal with special dietary requirements as appropriate.


Returns are only accepted for goods sent out in error. As all of our products are perishable goods we are unable to accept any returns for any other reason.

Design & Image Rights:

The specification and design of products supplied by Bay Tree Cakes will remain at all times with Victoria Power. Images of cakes and other products supplied may be used for marketing purposes including, but not limited to, the ability to purchase design copies via the website unless otherwise agreed.


Our liability is strictly limited to the purchase price of the cake. we cannot be held responsible for any indirect losses which may happen as a consequence of any breach by us of these terms however arising. However, this does not include or limit in any way our liability for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude, or attempt to exclude, our liability. We cannot be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these terms that is caused by any act, event, non-happening, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control.

Entire Agreement:

These terms and conditions together with our current website prices, delivery details and contact details set out the whole of our agreement relating to the supply of a cake to you. Nothing said by any other person on our behalf should be taken as a variation of these terms and conditions or as an authorised representation about the nature or quality of our cakes. We shall have no liability for any such representation being untrue or misleading.


If any part of these terms and conditions is unenforceable, the enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.

Right to Vary:

We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time that you place your order with us unless we notify you of a change to these terms and conditions and you do not reject the changes within 7 days of their notification.

Law & Jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions will be governed by English law and any dispute arising from them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.