• Most couples give wedding cake to both daytime and evening guests (some families will also save portions for those unable to travel to the celebrations.) Our sizes and portions guide is designed to help you calculate the right size of cake for your guest numbers.
  • Many couples will choose a traditional three tier cake to display and use extra portion (kitchen) cakes to provide the pieces for additional guest numbers.
  • If you plan to serve your cake as dessert, we suggest increasing the sponge quantities shown below, by 50-100%, by expanding your cake or adding extra portion (kitchen) cakes.

Yes, the tiers can be any flavour combination, but if you want fruitcake tier, this must be the base tier of a stacked cake, as it’s too heavy to balance on top of sponge tiers. See our flavours page for our most popular flavours and fillings. We do not offer an all-fruitcake option online, but this can be ordered by phone.

If the base tier is more fruitcake than you need, we can make an extra portions fruitcake instead

All our cakes are handcrafted to order, so in busy periods we do expect our diary to get full. The busiest times are between Easter and the start of September, but we can get busy during school and public holidays. Please check our availability calendar/call us. We advise you to book your cake as early as you can. You can also reserve the date with a “hold the date deposit” if you want to book ahead and finalise your design later.

More than half our cakes are ordered 6-12 months before the wedding day, but we do take orders right up to the last minute, if we have space in the diary.

We are happy to take last minute orders when we can. This is more difficult in the main wedding months (May-September), so book in advance where you can! If your wedding is less than 21 days away, please contact us by phone to book, or book online and call us for confirmation.

We have an expert delivery driver (Mick!), who will deliver and set up your cake at your chosen venue. Delivery charges vary according to distance and can be calculated by entering your delivery postcode on the Delivery Information page. If you wish your cake to be delivered outside of our main region (Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, South Nottinghamshire, South Derbyshire, Central & East Birmingham), this can be arranged, subject to availability.

This is no problem; please call us to discuss tailoring your ideas.

If you book ahead, using “hold the date” you are securing your date with us. Many of our clients don’t finalise the design of their cake until other wedding décor and themes have been finalised.

Similarly, if you book a design, but change your mind we are happy to redesign your cake up to the following deadlines.

If you have a spring/summer wedding (May1st-Sep 30th), we will need your final design and flavours by 31st March of the year of your wedding.

If your date is outside this range, we would ask that you finalise your cake no later than 2 months before for weddings in Jan, Feb, March, April, Nov, December.

For weddings in October, we ask that if possible you finalise your design by the end of May.

(NB: fruitcake tiers are baked and matured with brandy/madeira, three months before the wedding. Therefore, this is the last point to agree tier shapes and sizes for fruit tiers. We do bake some “emergency” fruitcakes ahead for last minute bookings, but cannot guarantee availability of particular sizes unless you book three months or more ahead.)

When we make and transport cakes we want to be sure that they are stable. Too many sponge tiers increases the chances of a wobbly cake, so all our five tier cakes have a fruitcake base or you can have a dummy (fake) tier and we make a replacement sponge cake which is served when your cake is cut and distributed.

We are happy to stack sponge cake up to four tiers (2-3 for eggless or vegan cakes, subject to design as these are less strong).

If you want a taller all-sponge design, we can substitute a “fake” tier or tiers to make your cake bigger, and provide a sponge kitchen cake to replace those portions. This can be ordered by phone or in a consultation if you are choosing a bespoke cake.

We offer cake tasting for couples who are planning their wedding cake or individuals planning very large celebration cakes.

There are several ways to try our cakes:

  • if you visit our stand at wedding fairs we attend, there will always be cake!
  •  We offer private consultation meetings where you can taste a range of flavours, these are available during the day or evening, usually Monday-Wednesday
  •  You can taste the full range of flavours we offer at one of our scheduled cake tasting events, which run each month between September and May. Contact us to book a time.
  •  You can order a sample tasting box for £15 by post.

Yes, we are well known for this and make gluten, nut, egg and or dairy free cakes regularly. We will also cater to other needs where possible. See our separate section on Food Allergies.

We don’t stack fruitcake tiers above sponges, as they are too heavy, but we do make separated tiers designs (where the cake tiers each rest on a separate tier of the stand).

Cookies and favours can be ordered up to two weeks before the wedding, but ideally should be booked in advance.

Yes, we can liaise with you or your florist, but usually we prefer to provide the flowers through our local florist, (to match your other flowers if required). We take this approach so we can get the flowers freshly on your wedding day morning and to ensure the correct (non toxic) flowers are properly fixed to the cake.

To pay for your cake, you can make payment by card over the phone, arrange a bank transfer or use cash or cheque.

Our online designs can be paid for by debit or credit card, or using our vouchers.