Kitchen Cake

Kitchen Cake, Cutting Cake
Kitchen Cake, Cutting Cakeextra portion cake, kitchen cake

Sometimes the cake you choose is not perfectly suited to the number of guests at your wedding.  To make sure you don’t disappoint anyone, we offer “kitchen cakes”.

Kitchen Cakes (sometimes known as Extra Portion Cakes or Cutting Cake) are simply extra portions of cake that are baked, filled and iced in the same coloured icing as your main cake.  Traditionally, they are kept in the kitchen and cut and served to guests alongside the slices of the main wedding cake, when your main cake has been cut. Since guests won’t be able to detect any difference between the main and kitchen cakes, you can simply add extra portions to suit your guest numbers.

Kitchen cakes are available in a range of sizes, and will automatically be covered with the same coloured icing as your main cake when ordered at the same time.

If you are ordering an extra portion cake separately from your main cake order, please use the special requirements box to tell us your original order number so we can match the icing to the main cake, or just tell us the colour!


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