Cupcake Stands

Cupcake Stands

We supply cake stands in a range of sizes so you can display a full stand of cupcakes or cakes and a top cake. If displaying a top cake we recommend discarding the top tier of the stand, using the second tier for the top cake and displaying cupcakes beneath.

We recommend these four main sizes:

1) Small - Holds up to 40 cupcakes plus 6” top cake (4 tiers) or 48 cupcakes (5 tiers)
2) Standard - Holds up to 84 cupcakes plus 6” top cake (6 tiers) or 92 cupcakes (7 tiers)
3) Large - Holds up to 100 cupcakes plus 6” top cake (6 tiers) or 112 cupcakes (7 tiers)
4) Extra Large - Holds up to 140 cupcakes plus 6” top cake (7 tiers) or 148 cupcakes (8 tiers)

Other sizes are available upon request

When ordering cupcakes you may either collect them from us or we can deliver your cakes boxed to your chosen venue. You may wish us to set up your cupcake display. The setup of the stand and the display normally takes about one hour. As such we make a small charge for this service. Should you require this service please add the "Cupcake Set Up" product to your basket as part of ordering your cakes and stands.

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