Prices & Portions Guide

In A Hurry?

If you are contacting us and want a quote in a hurry – and its daytime! – the quickest way to get a quote is probably to call us. As cakemakers, we are usually in the kitchen, rather than sat at our desks, so we will be able to respond more quickly!


If you are thinking about ordering a cake from us one of the main questions will probably be “How much will it cost?”

We will need some information from you to answer that question, as with the variety of styles and sizes of cake that can be made there is not really any such thing as an average wedding or birthday cake!

  1. How big does the cake need to be? – we need to know how many portions you require to cost the ingredients.

  2. What kind of decoration would you like? – Cake decoration can take time and much of the cost of a cake is to pay our decorators…. like any job, the hours/days it takes, affects the price.

  3. Delivery or collection? – If you wish to collect your cake from us, we will arrange a suitable time with you when you book. If you want us to deliver your cake, we are happy to quote the cost for this: we will need the delivery address postcode. Our delivery charges are based on the mileage our delivery driver will transport each cake. We don’t use couriers, as cakes are fragile!

Working On A Budget?

Perhaps you are not sure what style of cake you want, but you know approximately what you want to budget? If so, we are happy to talk about design ideas to meet your budget and ways to keep cost down.


Online Cakes

If you are ordering from our online wedding or celebration cakes collections, we have done our best to provide size and price information. If you like one of those designs but need a different size to the ones available, call us talk through what you need.

Even if you wish to order a bespoke cake from us, the prices and sizes on these sections may help give you an idea on costs if you are just at the budgeting stage.

Standard 3 Tier Wedding Cake Diagram
Large 3 Tier Wedding Cake Diagram
Standard 4 Tier Wedding Cake Diagram
Medium 4 Tier Wedding Cake Diagram
Large 4 Tier Wedding Cake Diagram
5 Tier Wedding Cake Diagram


Bespoke Cakes

We are happy to make a cake to your design idea or in the style of a picture you supply. As there are more options, bespoke cakes vary in price. The information below is a rough guide.

Celebration Cakes*
Size** Portions Prices from
7" circle 10-15 £50
8" circle 15-20 £60
10" circle 20-30 £75
10" square 40-50 £85
12" square 60-70 £95
6 & 8" circle (2 tier) 25-35 £85

* Excludes delivery if required, ** Other sizes available

Wedding Cakes*
Size** Portions Typical Prices
Small 3 tier circle 23-35 £195-225
Standard 3 tier circle 70-80 £320-400
Large 3 tier circle 100-110 £375-475
Standard 4 tier circle 80-90 £340-450
Medium 4 tier circle 120-130 £450-600
Large 4 tier circle 150-160 £470-650
Standard 5 tier circle 160-180 £550-800
Naked & Semi-Naked Cakes (e.g. standard 3 tier)** 70-80 From £275
Buttercream Cakes (e.g. standard 3 tier)** 70-80 From £320

* Excludes delivery if required, ** Other sizes available

Size** Portions Typical Prices
Small 2 tier circle 25-30 £150-225
6" top cake for cupcakes tower 10-15 £50-90
Cupcakes 1 £2.25-4.50 each
Wedding Cookies 1 From £2.50 each
Bride & Groom Personalised Sugarcraft Toppers - £80-90
Cupcake Stands - From £40

* Excludes delivery if required, ** Other sizes available

Please note, the above prices are a guide and not intended to be used as a quote. To confirm a price, please email/call Victoria.

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